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We never get enough of hearing about the difference The RITP continues to make in the world.

“A really excellent resource for anyone working in and with communities in creative practice. The chapters are written in an accessible and informative style, yet address critical issues in community-engaged practice… An essential text.” – Linda, GoodReads reviewer

“An invaluable resource for anyone working in the arts, especially those who are invested in working with, supporting and generating creative opportunities for communities and minority groups. Much of this book articulates familiar concepts and principles I grapple with at work every day, but it does so with a bracing and immensely valuable clarity. Other sections offer surprising and novel (to me) ways to engage with the principles of community-engaged practice.” – Veronica, GoodReads reviewer

“The Relationship is the Project is such an important read for an aspiring policy analyst/advisor. People are and should always be at the forefront of every project, and not just those with the loudest voices. This book provided great reflections and question prompts for those working with stakeholders. While the book focuses on the arts sector, there is a lot to take away for people in every industry.”- Ella, GoodReads reviewer

“A must read for anyone working with people.” – Lily, GoodReads reviewer

“‘To reach the best outcomes, is the relationship itself the project?’ This is such an important question and such a great book.

I find myself coming back to this book again and again. It is such a valuable resource for anyone working with communities. The questions and provocations on a range of topics really encourage me to think deeply about the why and how of my practice and also my own position. In doing so, it highlights an important distinction between community engagement and community-engaged practice.”
Shannyn, LinkedIn review

“This book changed my life, particularly @gengrieves’ chapter, which helped me unravel the colonial aspects of my art form and provoked me to connect to my ancestry as a migrant settler.” – Social media review

“A precious collection of years of collective wisdom, and a reflection of a place and a time.” – Social media review

“I have gifted it and recommended it a bunch of times when in conversations with work contacts, academic folk and mates working in all different fields. All feedback has been incredible.” – Social media review

“You know that feeling when you’re barely past the introduction, and you can already tell a book’s about to be an incredible, resonant read? Going to make a big and early call and say The Relationship is the Project is essential reading for all GLAM sector folks.” – Social media review

“I pick up my copy of The Relationship from Brow Books at least once a month… Read holistically this book highlights some of the most interesting arts sector practice questions of our time.” – Social media review

“I wish it had been around 20 years ago when I first started working with communities. It’s so good.” – Social media review

“If only we had The Relationship is the Project in 2014, I may not owe the government $30k for my Masters… sigh!” – Social media review